Should a photo ID be required to vote?

According to 78% of the United States we should be required to have a photo ID to vote for president. This is because people believe that there is to much fraud making the voting an unreliable way of choosing a president. Some people think that these photo IDs should be given by the government for free which makes sense and obviously affordable. It is also shown that 74% of people living in Illinois believe that there should be required photo ID. As well as people who take the normal college course of 4 years for a Bachelors degree 76% also believe that you should be required to have this photo ID just for better results. Now on the other hand 22% of Americans think that it would be better to not have photos required because of the points that voter fraud may not exist at all and also some people may not have the chance to go out and get this photo ID needed. This is especially shown in Chicago with 35% disagreeing with having photo ID required because of these last two reasons and although 35% is not the majority compared to only 22% of all America and 26% of all Illinois actually agrees with those people from Chicago which shows something.